Papa's Mocharia

Papa's Mocharia is a popular restaurant management game where you will become the operator of a cafe that specializes in serving coffee drinks and pastries. You will take orders, prepare and mix drinks as requested, and then serve customers. The game requires agility and precision to please customers and get coins.

How to play

You'll make espresso, steam, and froth milk, and create beautifully layered drinks for your picky customers. Serve holiday-themed coffee and cannoli, unlock new ingredients, and earn Daily Specials by making delicious latte and macchiato recipes. When playing, you will use the mouse to control and move between mixing and cooking stations. Basic steps include:

Taking orders: Customers will come in and make requests for the drinks and cakes they desire.
Prepare drinks: You will use available ingredients and tools to prepare drinks. This process includes choosing the type of coffee, brewing it, and adding milk, cream, and other toppings.
Serving customers: Once completed, you will bring drinks and cakes to customers and receive feedback and tips based on the quality of service.

Outstanding features

  • Vivid graphics and sound
  • Customize and upgrade the cafe
  • There are many levels for you to try

Papa's Mocharia promises to bring you interesting experiences in restaurant management. Join now to explore and challenge yourself in this colorful game!