Papa's Freezeria

Welcome to Papa's Freezeria! You will manage an ice cream shop where delicious desserts are served to customers. Make ice cream, decorate it, serve it to customers to earn lots of tips, and enjoy the excitement as the number of customers increases every day. Papa Louie has left town, and it's time for you to lead the ice cream industry on this island.

How to play Papa's Freezeria game

Your task in Papa's Freezeria is to receive customer orders, create perfect cakes, serve them to customers, and finally receive money from customers. In the early days, the number of customers will be less, but later on, there will be more customers, so you have to really focus to be able to serve all of them.

During that process, you must continuously move between four stations:

Order Station

The first station in the game is where you receive customer orders. Remember them accurately to fulfill customer requests in the best way.

Build Station

Here, you must pour the cream and combine the ingredients according to the customer's request.

Mix Station

Once you've poured the ingredients, you'll need to head to this station to mix the ice cream sundaes until they're blended to perfection.

Top Station

Next, add toppings to make the dessert more attractive and eye-catching. The game has many toppings for you to choose from, for example, fresh cream, fruit jams, candies, cherries, etc.

Finally, you have to return to the first station to be the cashier and see how many points and tips you can get. The more perfect cakes you make, the more points and tips you receive.

Tips to win

Understand the stations: Understanding the operation of the stations will help you know exactly where you need to go in the steps of making ice cream.

Manage your time effectively: Carefully review customer requests so you don't lose your temper when the number of customers increases too much. Serve customers who arrive first so as not to keep them waiting too long.

Try to serve the right customer requests: After each level, your topping, mixing, building, and waiting points will be added up. Serving your customers best is the #1 way to make more money and grow your business.

Buy upgrades: Every day you will unlock new characters and toppings. Try to unlock as many as you can to discover countless delicious recipes for summer sweets.

Papa's Freezeria brings you exciting experiences when transforming into Alberto or Penny while serving at a unique ice cream restaurant. This cooking game of Papa Louie games is suitable for people of all ages. Many customers are waiting for your ice cream cakes. Hurry up to make the perfect summer ice cream cakes and serve the most customers.