Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Game

Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Game is a cupcake-making game. You will manage a famous cupcake shop. Your mission is to satisfy customers with custom orders. The game requires you to have creativity, strategy, and time management.

The story begins when your shop becomes the most famous cupcake shop in town. Customers come every day to try your cakes. Some customers provide specific instructions, while others leave you free to design and decorate. Every day there are new challenges, but the goal is to complete orders on time. You can use the money you earn to upgrade the store.

How to play

Receive customer orders.
Drag and drop ingredients to prepare the dough.
Put the cake in the oven and bake the cake
Decorate the cake with a variety of toppings and frosting.
Complete the order within the specified time.


  • Fun cupcake cooking game
  • Many types of cupcakes
  • Great music
  • Impressive graphics