Papa’s Paleteria

Papa's Paleteria is a restaurant management game where you are tasked with creating popsicles and paletas to sell to tourists. You'll have to juggle multiple tasks at once, from molding and chilling paletas to adding delicate finishing touches to each frozen creation. Bring your guests the most delicious ice cream.

How to play

You'll need to fill the paleta mold with a variety of ingredients in a variety of flavors, from fruit smoothies to ice cream fillings. Customize each paleta with dips, sauces and toppings to create unique flavor combinations. Serve your delicious dishes to eager customers. You can unlock new ingredients, molds, and decorations in the game and reach higher rankings.

Frequently asked questions

How many holidays are there in Papa's Paleteria?

Papa's Paleteria features 12 distinct holidays, each bringing new elements and challenges to the game.

What are special recipes and how do I earn them?

Special recipes are unique creations created by customers that can be served as daily specials in the Paleteria. Mastering each recipe will get you prizes and rewards.

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