Papa Louie 5

Papa Louie 5 is an exciting adventure game, your mission is to rescue your customers from the evil villain and his army of monsters.

To destroy enemies, you just need to jump on their heads from above. Additionally, you can use the items on Papa Louie's table to defeat them. You can choose from many different characters. Each character has their own weapons and skills to overcome the challenging levels of the terrible town.

How to play Papa Louie 5

The game has many levels and the difficulty will gradually increase. On the screen, you will see the remaining lives of the hero. Be careful, because danger can appear at any time.

Along the way, you can unlock new characters with different skills and weapons. You can also collect coins, stickers, and badges. The monsters that will move will attack you so be very alert to all the dangers around

Control way

Arrow: Walk
Space key: Jump
Z key: Attack 1
X key: Attack 2

Join this exciting adventure and rescue your customers from the evil villain. Wishing you hours of fun entertainment with Papa Louie 5!