Papa Louie Night Hunt 3

Papa Louie Night Hunt 3 is an exciting adventure game, you must help Papa Louie collect coins and fight dangerous monsters to get home safely. The game has many levels for you to freely try. Additionally, you can find hidden items and power-ups to aid you in your quest.

How to play

Control helps Papa Louie return home safely. You will collect lots of coins to improve your score.
Control by using the left and right arrows to control the object.
Jump over obstacles and climb stairs and ropes.
Attack enemies by pressing the Z key.
Throw pepper bombs to defeat stronger opponents with the X key.
Explore and collect coins scattered throughout the levels.
Avoid or kill enemies by jumping over them.
Complete the mission by reaching the end of each level.

Tips and tricks

  • Adventure and discovery: To find items and coins you will have to explore every letter on your way.
  • Use pepper bombs wisely: Pepper bombs are useful for taking down stronger enemies.
  • Jump over enemies when necessary: ​​Sometimes, jumping over enemies is a better option than facing them directly.

Papa Louie Night Hunt 3 is a challenging and exciting adventure game, provides players with great moments of entertainment. Get ready for dramatic battles and exciting moments with Papa Louie!