Papa's Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria is the famous Papa Louie restaurant game. You will play the role of Roy, the store manager, and cook delicious chicken thighs to serve customers. Customers are very demanding, so you should try to do well according to their requests to satisfy them and receive as much money as possible. In this game, you must demonstrate your store management skills and cooking skills to help the store operate most effectively. In short, the goal of this game is that you need to make orders accurately, and quickly and earn as much money as possible.

How to play the game

When playing, you will press and move the computer mouse to control operations. In the game, there are 4 steps you need to take:
Order station: You will start the game at this touch. When customers come to the restaurant, you will listen to their requests and write them down on sticky notes to forward to the next meeting.
Fry station: at this point, you will put the chicken in the pot and fry it. When enough time has passed, the chicken thighs are cooked, and you need to take them out and move on to the next step.
Sauce station: After frying, it will be done under the sauce according to the customer's request. Each customer has different requirements, so you have to pay close attention when preparing the sauce
Build station: after the sauce is finished, the food will be placed on a plate and brought out to customers.
Customers are very demanding and will evaluate the food you make to see if it satisfies them or not. The more customers you have, the more money you earn. So try to make the order as accurate as possible to get the most money possible

Tips and tricks when playing

  • Follow orders exactly to increase customer satisfaction and earn more money.
  • Improve your experience and skills by playing more games
  • Manage time and orders effectively to help the store operate most effectively

Game features

  • Role-play and create a character of your own
  • Attractive restaurant management gameplay
  • Many different toppings to unlock

The game will bring you a fascinating experience. What are you waiting for? Join the game now!