Papa's Taco Mia

At Papa's Taco Mia, you will experience restaurant management and take on the role of taco chef. Get ready for the challenge, serve perfect tacos, and satisfy every customer to make Papa Louie proud!

How to play

First, choose your character and start your career as a taco chef with a starting salary. Your task is to manage the restaurant, take orders from customers, and cook and serve tacos according to their requests.

Order Station: Receive orders from customers, and record detailed requests for meat, toppings, and crust.

Grill Station: Cook meats such as beef, chicken, and pork. Make sure to cook the meat until it's done, not burned or undercooked.

Build Station: After cooking, assemble tacos according to customer requirements, adding toppings and sauces in the correct order and proportion.

Chip Station: In some versions of the game, you can make side dishes like fries to serve with tacos.

Unlock all kinds of ingredients and upgrade your restaurant to improve style and speed of service. Try to satisfy demanding customers like the Closers and impress food critic Jojo with your taco-making skills!


  • Restaurant upgrades
  • Diverse customer personas
  • Daily Challenge

Use your skills to transform your restaurant into a place that serves the best tacos, pleases all customers, and conquers every challenge! Have fun playing Papa's Taco Mia game.