Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is an exciting game in the Papa Louie restaurant management game series where you will play Roy to cook and serve the most delicious pizzas to customers. Show off your baking and management skills to make a lot of money for the shop while Papa Louie is away. Can you make him proud?

How to play Papa's Pizzeria game

Master chef Papa Louie has opened many restaurants around the world, so now he has to leave Tastyville to go on a business trip and leave the pizza restaurant to you to manage.
So as Roy, you have to run the whole restaurant until he comes back. You'll need to take orders, make cakes until they're ready to serve, and deliver them to hungry customers to earn well-deserved points and tips.

Just like the cooking games in this series, you will have to go through four stations to be able to manage the baking, including:

Order Station

You will start the game at this station. Here you need to receive orders and write them on sticky notes to transfer to the next stations.

Topping Station

You will add different toppings that customers request to the pizza base. Toppings are as varied as meatballs, peppers, olives, onions, and more. However, each customer has a different preference, so you must choose them correctly.

Baking Station

Once you've added a ton of toppings to your cake, you'll need to go to this station to put your cake in the oven. You need to adjust the time so that the pizzas cook perfectly without being too soft or too crispy. This station allows you to bake up to four cakes. Take advantage of this to increase your productivity.

Cutting Station

Once the pizza is baked, cut it into pieces and serve them to customers. You will return to the first station to receive points and tips.

To earn a lot of points and tips, you need to create perfect cakes according to each customer's requirements. Try not to make mistakes or forget any details.

Plus, don't keep them waiting too long, or they'll get angry or leave. Complete orders quickly to make your customers most satisfied. That's your mission in Papa's Pizzeria game.

Game features

  • New pizza recipes to explore
  • Many challenging levels to test your skills
  • Attractive restaurant management gameplay
  • Various toppings to unlock

If you love cooking games, especially the famous Italian dish pizza, then don't hesitate to join Papa's Pizzeria. The game will help you understand the pizza-making process and gain more restaurant management skills.

Start making delicious pizzas right away and get more and more customers in town coming to your restaurant in Papa's Pizzeria game.