Papa's Pastaria

Papa's Pastaria is a restaurant management game where you will run an Italian restaurant, serving delicious pasta dishes. Savor the culinary delights and experience the joy of running Papa's pasta paradise!

How to play

Join the wedding ceremony, enjoy pasta
You are invited to a wedding in the beautiful town of Portallini, but there are no hotels available. There's an interesting solution: sleep at Papa's pasta shop and become Papa's pasta server. Trust me, this is worth it!

Cook the noodles delicately
Boiling pasta is an art that requires skill. You'll be able to choose from a variety of pasta like gnocchi, spaghetti, fusilli, and more as you progress. Boil the noodles properly and drain them perfectly. Cooking just a few seconds too long can have a big impact on your score, and Papa won't be happy at all!

Adds great flavor
The pasta is mostly textured, needing more flavor to be perfect. You can add Papa's marinara sauce and many other sauces, finishing the dish with a little parmesan cheese.

A pasta meal is incomplete without garlic bread. All Papa's pasta dishes come with complimentary garlic bread to complete your plate of pasta. Combine with bread and enjoy your delicious meal!

Serving customers
Decorations such as tables and posters help improve customer wait times. Upgrading equipment also makes food preparation quicker and easier. Finally, your store will be fully equipped with new furniture, floors and walls. However, you have to earn them first!

Outstanding features

  • Transform into your own character
  • Serve up complex and delicious pasta dishes
  • Play fun mini-games to unlock items

Papa's Pastaria will bring you interesting experiences. Don't hesitate any longer, join the game today!