Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria is the seventh installment in the Papa Louie game series, where you will manage a hot dog restaurant in the food court of a bustling baseball stadium. Make hotdogs, sell them, and you'll make your store the most successful in Griller Stadium in Tastyville.

In the game, you will play two workers, Taylor or Peggy, to run the restaurant. The baseball season just opened, but tickets are already sold out. Work hard for Papa Louie so you can watch the baseball game.

How to play Papa's Hot Doggeria

In this game, your task is to serve hot dogs to baseball spectators. Taking orders for hotdogs and various add-ons and side dishes. Cook them and serve them to waiting customers to receive points and tips.

Stations in the game:

  • Order Station
  • Grill Station
  • Build Station
  • Pop Station

The special thing about this game compared to the games in the Papa's Games series is that, in addition to hotdogs, you have to serve additional side dishes such as drinks and popcorn. This requires players to do some multitasking. Some customers are especially picky, so try not to make the wrong orders to get a high score.

Papa's Hot Doggeria is a great choice for those who love cooking and restaurant games. Can you please all your hungry customers with delicious donuts? Let's play this game and make tasty hotdogs for hungry customers that visit Papa Louie Hotdog restaurant.