Papa's Cluckeria

Papa's Cluckeria is a cooking game. You will manage a chicken sandwich restaurant in the world of Papa Louie. In the game, you will fry food, assemble sandwiches, and prepare snacks for your customers.

How to play

You have to run Papa's Cluckeria, you will make bread, knead dough, and fry dishes to create many different types of sandwiches. You'll stack sandwiches with toppings and sauces, and mix up delicious swirls to satisfy picky customers. You'll work through the holiday season, serving up seasonal sandwiches and sauces, unlocking new ingredients, and earning daily Specials on delicious sandwich recipes -- all while trying to outdo your competitors!

Steps taken in the game include

Taking orders: Record customer requests for bread type, chicken type, toppings, and sauces.

Prepare ingredients: Fry the chicken and prepare other ingredients to make sandwiches as required.

Assemble the sandwich: Combine ingredients to create the perfect sandwich for the customer.

Serve customers: Deliver sandwiches to customers and receive reviews on the quality of your service.

Game features

  • Multi-task between frying food, folding sandwiches, and making snacks
  • Upgrade and decorate the restaurant
  • Rich characters and an engaging story

Papa's Cluckeria is a fun and challenging game for time management fans. Join the game today!