Papa Louie Moutain Adventure

In Papa Louie Moutain Adventure, you will assist the legendary chef in collecting and delivering pizzas to a mountaintop cafe, overcoming many obstacles and enemies.


Papa Louie needs to deliver fresh pizza as soon as possible. You will overcome 15 challenging levels, facing monsters and obstacles. Collect as many pizzas and power-ups as possible.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move and jump.
Press X key to throw bombs and Z key to attack.
Complete levels without losing lives, pick up coins and pizzas to get a high score.

Special Features

  • 15 challenging levels: Each level has its own characteristics and difficulty.
  • Power-up items: Helps enhance abilities and overcome obstacles.
  • Diverse enemies: Each type has its own attack and weakness.

Papa Louie Moutain Adventure is a dramatic and exciting pizza delivery journey where your skills and patience will help Papa Louie complete his mission and become a hero.