Papa Louie 4

Papa Louie went on a picnic with his friends when the enemy kidnapped all of his friends. Papa Louie is determined not to go home without rescuing them! Are you willing to help him find his friends again in Papa Louie 4?

How to play

To control your character in Papa Louie 4 game, use the left and right arrow keys. Up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to sit. If you want to jump higher, hold down the up arrow key. The Space bar is for attacking enemies. You can also customize these controls as desired by accessing the Menu. If you're familiar with the WASD keys, adjust the controls to suit your playing style.

Below is a list of badges that you can earn throughout the game's levels. These badges will support you on your journey:

Onion Wrangler: Defeat 75 Onion enemies.
Key Collector: Earn 5 Warp Keys.
Warp Key Summary: Earn 10 Warp Keys.
Full list: Unlock all friends.
Customer Support: Complete levels using 10 different friends.
Team effort: Complete the level using all friends.
New topic: Buy new outfits for friends.
Change clothes: Buy 10 new clothes for friends.
Expand your wardrobe: Buy 30 new clothes.
Super Stomper: Stomp and stun 100 enemies.
Can't Stop Stomp: Stomp and stun 250 enemies.

Play tips

  • Explore: Search all areas in each level to uncover hidden items.
  • Collect: Try to collect all the coins and items to get a high score.
  • Use skills: Take advantage of each character's unique skills to effectively overcome challenges.

Papa Louie 4 is an exciting entertaining game, ideal for those who love the action-adventure genre. What are you waiting for, join now!