Grandma Recipe Ramen

Grandma Recipe Ramen is a fun cooking game. Help Aiko learn her amazing ramen recipe. From choosing ingredients to making the best broth, she will help you learn it all! Don't just stop at cooking; You can also explore the wardrobe with cute outfits to wear! Whether a foodie or a beginner, everyone will enjoy this fun game.

How to play

Playing this game is very simple. You must prepare, cook, and decorate your bowl of Ramen noodles with the exact ingredients according to grandma's recipe. There are on-screen instructions to help you follow. Plus, you can choose from a variety of outfits for added fun.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Click on tools and ingredients to use them
  • Use your mouse or fingers to move the arrows to stir the broth, cut ingredients, scoop the broth, etc.

Tips and tricks

To succeed in this game, follow her recipe meticulously without missing any steps or ingredients. Also, pay attention to the instructions in the outfit section; Coordinating your outfit correctly can help you earn extra points!

Let's join the Grandma Recipe Ramen game now!